For weddings

Jeroni Castell, chef with a Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns, will help you design you the most suitable menu for your event. In addition, you will have the possibility of including live show cooking in the location you have chosen, thus guaranteeing interaction between guests and the cuisine.

For enterprises

Our kitchen, our resources, our service and professionalism in your ideal place. Tell us where and we will take care of carrying out a preliminary analysis of the place chosen for your celebration, studying each space individually to ensure that we make the absolute most of the space.


Each request is treated individually taking into account all the details in order to personalize your event. To adapt to each space, we have our own infrastructure that guarantees all the services necessary for your event to be a success.

WITH the Foodtruck

Discover a different way of living and try the gastronomy of Les Moles. Our food truck adapts to your needs to offer you a variety of more fun preparations and with the stamp of the chef of Les Moles, Jeroni Castell.

Pels detalls

Cada sol·licitud és tractada individualment tenint en compte tots els detalls per poder personalitzar el vostre esdeveniment. Per adaptar-nos al vostre espai, comptem amb una infraestructura pròpia que garanteix tots els serveis necessaris per a que el vostre esdeveniment sigui un èxit!

wherever you want

Tell us where you imagine your event, and we will make it possible, gastronomically!