For our customization

At Les Moles Events we want each wedding to be unique, made to measure. We are aware of the importance of this day in the life of each soon to be married couple and, therefore, we do everything necessary to make it a reflection of your idea. The Les Moles Events team will listen to all the concerns you may have, advise you and carry out your ideas to achieve uniqueness on this special day. 

For our professionalism

The Les Moles team will accompany you throughout the process of organizing and managing your event. While you solve the gastronomic part with Jeroni Castell, the chef, our events manager will be at your disposal to listen to you, help you, advise you and organize your ideal wedding. In addition, he will be present on the day of the celebration to make sure that everything goes as you have dreamed and planned, so that you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the day.

For the gastronomy

Wedding menus at our restaurant are completely tailor-made. You can choose each of the dishes according to your taste, from a great selection prepared by our chef, Jeroni Castell, who has gained a Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns. With quality products from the region, creativity has become the fundamental tool of Les Moles kitchen. In addition, with our menu, you will have the chance to include live show cooking for the aperitifs with different stations available, thus achieving interaction between your guests and the cuisine.

Per la gastronomia

Els menús per a casaments del nostre restaurant son totalment fets a mida. Podreu escollir, en funció dels vostres gustos, cadascun dels plats a partir d’una gran oferta preparada per a vatros pel nostre xef, Jeroni Castell, amb una Estrella Michelin i dos SOLS Repsol. Amb un producte de qualitat i de territori, la creativitat s’ha convertit en l’eina fonamental de la cuina de Les Moles. A més, amb la nostra carta, tindreu la possibilitat d’incloure showcookings en directe per als aperitius a través de diferents estacions disponibles, aconseguint així la interacció entre els vostres invitats i la cuina.

For the details

We offer comprehensive advice with all kinds of services to complete your day: a ceremony in the gardens, transport, live music for aperitifs, floral decorations, DJ, orchestras, children’s monitors, etc. With the sole objective of guaranteeing the success of this special day, striving for excellence and, above all, making sure the couple do not have to worry about anything.

For the gardens

Our gardens offer endless possibilities. We have more than six thousand metres of gardens with a quarry which is illuminated at night, and serves as the perfect backdrop to celebrate your wedding, enjoy aperitifs or end a party in an area equipped with a stage of 60 m2 located in front of the quarry, for hosting music shows and all kinds of performances.

For the dining rooms

The restaurant has a completely open-plan banquet hall which is both modern and functional, and whose decoration is very much in keeping with the environment and with our idea of ​​a wedding space. With room for more than 300 diners, you can enjoy your banquet dance in the same space. Or if you prefer and time permits, you can celebrate the banquet in the outdoor dining room, also with room for more than 300 people and surrounded by the magnificent quarry.

For the ceremony

The impressive stone walls and our gardens with fruit trees, olive trees, carob trees and local plants, comprise the perfect environment to make your celebration an indelible memory. The ceremony space, with capacity for about 200 people, has all the necessary equipment.

For the exclusivity

With Les Moles Events you have the guarantee of enjoying your day in an environment reserved exclusively for you. Once the reservation is formalized, all the spaces at Les Moles Events will be closed and available exclusively for your wedding celebration.

Per l’exclusivitat

Amb Les Moles Events tindreu la garantia de gaudir del vostre dia en un entorn reservat exclusivament per a vosaltres. Un cop formalitzada la reserva, tots els espais de Les Moles Events quedaran tancats i disponibles exclusivament per la celebració del vostre enllaç.