Nits d’estiu

magic, proximity...

Les Nits d’estiu a Les Moles is the consolidation of almost ten years of concert-dinners with performances by Pep Sala, Café Quijano, Pau Diera, Bebe, Pancho Varona, Chenoa and Pancho Céspedes. The magic of the night lies in the proximity to the artists and the combination with a Michelin Star menu, designed exclusively for that night, and the more than six thousand square metres of gardens with a quarry that is illuminated at night as the perfect backdrop!

and star gastronomy

Each of our events is designed to be unique and unrepeatable. No two Summer Nights are the same. The combination of haute cuisine and high level shows with our environment make Las Molas Summer Nights a unique experience. Las Molas Summer Nights revolve around a key element that characterises them: signature cuisine, by chef Jeroni Castell, with the guarantee of a Michelin Star and two Solo Repsol and menus designed exclusively for each of the nights.

2023 with mikel erentxun

The 11th edition of the ‘Nits d’Estiu’ was with Mikel Erentxun, leader and vocalist of Duncan Dhu, one of the legendary groups of the 80s with hits like ‘Cien Gaviotas’ or ‘En algún lugar’! He presented his latest album ‘Amigos de Guardia’, a compilation of more than 30 years of musical career.

Per la gastronomia

Tots els esdeveniments de Les Moles giren entorn un element clau que els caracteritza: la cuina d’autor, pel xef Jeroni Castell, amb la garantia d’una estrella Michelin i dos sols Repsol i menús dissenyats a mida única i exclusivament per a cadascuna de les nits.


In 2022, les Nits d’Estiu was 10 years old and the restaurant was 30 years old, so we decided to go all out with the poster! We had two Nits d’Estiu. On the 23rd of July we had a great night with Alex Ubago, and on the 26th of August we enjoyed the Tribute of Queen nº1 in Europe which was accompanied by the Tribute of Montserrat Caballé for the 30th anniversary of the Olympic Games of Barcelona ’92.


Here’s a compilation of the previous editions of les Nits d’Estiu!

– 2021: with a Tribute to Mecano and a concert by Pancho Céspedes

– 2020: with the Chenoa concert and the ABBA Tribute ‘The New Experience’.

– 2019: Bebe concert