Nits d’estiu

For the show

Summer Nights at Les Moles are the consolidation of a journey of almost ten years of dinner-concerts, with performances such as Pep Sala, Café Quijano, Pau Donés, Bebe, Pancho Varona, Chenoa or Pancho Céspedes.

For the unique experience

Each of our events is designed to be unique and unrepeatable. No two Nits d’Estiu are the same. The combination of haute cuisine and top notch shows with our surroundings make Nits d’Estiu at Les Moles a unique experience.

For the gastronomy

All Les Moles events revolve around a key element that characterizes them: signature cuisine, by chef Jeroni Castell, with the guarantee of a Michelin Star and two Repsol Suns, and menus which are uniquely and exclusively custom-designed for each of the nights.

Per la gastronomia

Tots els esdeveniments de Les Moles giren entorn un element clau que els caracteritza: la cuina d’autor, pel xef Jeroni Castell, amb la garantia d’una estrella Michelin i dos sols Repsol i menús dissenyats a mida única i exclusivament per a cadascuna de les nits.

For the setting

Nits d’Estiu at Les Moles take place in our gardens of more than 6000m2, with a quarry that lights up at night as a backdrop, perfect for these shows.