The team

The Les Moles team is one of the mainstays of this house. First Jeroni, then Carmen, now also Pau and Roger, and all the kitchen and dining companions have been growing our staff.

Jeroni Castell

Owner together with his wife Carmen and chef of Les Moles restaurant, Jeroni discovered his true vocation, cooking, late and quite by chance. The beginnings were very hard but little by little and in a self-taught way, the world of flavours and gastronomic experiences became his great passion. One of Jeroni’s predilections is the land where he was born and where he grew as a person and restauranteur. This land, to the north and south of the Sénia River, has given him the best products that a chef could dream of, in exchange for respect, commitment and care. Extra virgin olive oil, oysters, Montsià rice, Hispanic goat or Balfegó bluefin tuna, among others, are the tools of expression in the cuisine of Les Moles, a restaurant located right at the crossroads between past and future, between tradition and avant-garde.
Jeroni Castell’s cuisine has been sculpted over time by means of his own philosophy that makes it unique, singular and instantly recognizable. The land, the surprise factor, creativity, rebellion and technique are tools he uses to do what his creations illustrate so well: stay true to a philosophy.

Carmen Sauch

Passionate about wines and extremely meticulous, she is in charge of the restaurant’s dining room and wine cellar. Trained at the URV university, coupled with a tireless desire to learn and discover new aromas and new stories, Carmen has been able to give a radical turn to our wine cellar, to its wine and champagne list, gradually introducing new Denominations of Origin. Today we have almost seventy, with about four hundred national and international wines. However, the biggest change is not the expansion of the wine cellar, but the change in philosophy in the search and acquisition of new wines. Wines that are more adapted to the cuisine of Les Moles, unknown wines but with lots of history, innovative and daring wines.

In 2012, Les Moles embarked on a new project led by Carmen: making their own wines. A white, a red, a crianza and Carmen’S, a wine that bears her name and most personal stamp; a Macabeo wine from old vines fermented and aged for eight months in new French oak barrels.

Pau Castell

Pau is the oldest of the Castell Sauchs. Raised among stoves, saucepans and casseroles, he decided that he did not want to dedicate himself to cooking, after making an attempt at the age of fifteen. However, at the age of 21 and already well on his way in the sphere of economics, he discovered his fascination for haute cuisine. He is his father’s right-hand man and second in the kitchen since 2017, Pau has worked in restaurants such as DiverXo, Enjoy, Azurmendi or Gasthof Rössli (Switzerland). In 2017 he was one of the ten finalists in the San Pellegrino Young Chef contest. In 2019 he won second prize in the Chef Balfegó competition and, a year later, in 2020, he was the winner of the first edition of the Talentos Martiko competition.

Pau Castell

Pau és el gran dels Castell Sauch. Criat entre fogons i cassoles, després d’un intent als quinze anys va decidir que no volia dedicar-se a la cuina. Ja encaminat cap a les ciències econòmiques, als 21 anys va descobrir la seva fascinació per l’alta gastronomia. Mà dreta del seu pare i segond de cuina des del 2017, Pau ha fet de stagier a restaurants com DiverXo, Disfrutar, Azurmendi o Gasthof Rössli (Suïssa). L’any 2017 va ser un dels deu finalistes del concurs San Pellegrino Young Chef. L’any 2019 va guanyar el segon premi del concurs Chef Balfegó I, un any més tard, el 2020, va resultar guanyador de la primera edició del Talentos Martiko.

Roger Castell

Roger, the youngest son, has gradually become a part of the great Les Moles family. While following his chosen path, he has been assuming more and more roles and is currently learning the frameworks of the dining room from Carmen.

The kitchen team

At Les Moles we are fortunate to have a very heterogeneous and diverse team who help us grow every day. Some have been in our kitchen for more than twenty years, such as Tina, who was Jerónimo’s right-hand person during the restaurant’s first years of growth. But we also have young people with a great spirit of self-improvement and people in training who make up a very involved and cohesive team.

The dining room team

In the dining room we also have a great team of people who are very committed to their great responsibility and who, in some cases, have accompanied us for many years on this path that we travel together every day.