Les Moles restaurant is located in an old quarry where olive oil mill wheels were once made, hence the name. This distinctive fact gives the restaurant a unique singularity, both for the imposing stone walls that surround it and for the house where it is located, the old home and warehouse of what was one of the first quarries in Ulldecona.


The biodynamic garden was a very important sustainability turning point for our restaurant. For 10 years we had an organic garden, and in 2021 we took the step to make it biodynamic. Biodynamic farming aims to make very high quality products. It has a taste, an aroma, and a consistency that is very clearly different from the types of agriculture that exist today. It also makes the plant qualitatively and quantitatively very healthy, and therefore makes the dishes served in the restaurant spectacular.

The dining room

Our dining room is a reflection of the gastronomic philosophy at Les Moles, which combines tradition and proximity with technique and avant-garde. This duality is made explicit, on the one hand, with the original stone walls that surround the dining room and that represent proximity and speak of vernacular architecture, of our roots, of authenticity, of Ulldecona stone. All this combines perfectly with the avant-garde part of our dining room, where modernity, creativity and technique converge.

The kitchen

The kitchen has also been transformed over the years. Little by little, with lots of effort, dedication and perseverance, it has been extended into the kitchen as we know it today: a versatile, spacious and very well-equipped space that allows us to continue growing at a gastronomic level which enables us to offer our best culinary version every day.


At Les Moles we offer local cuisinie with a personality an stamp of its own that makes it unique and very special; It is a cuisine that calls for a wine cellar to match, and ours is a benchmark in the region, which includes local wines as well as other extraordinary wines from different parts of the world. Almost 70 D.O. and about 400 national and international wines await you in our wine cellar.

Carmen Sauch, our sommelier, chooses wines and sparkling wines each with a character and personality of their own, with stories that speak of effort, commitment to the environment, roots and respect for the land. Some speak of technique, others of going back to their roots. Some even speak of journeys into the future. They are wines that tell sotries, that reflect the personality of the winegrovwer and his environment. 

Our wines

In 2012, with great enthusiasm and eager to undertake new adventures, Les Moles began to make its own wine, a challenge that would open the doors to an exciting world. Searching for proximity and quality, Terra Alta was chosen for the production of Les Moles wine. Starting with an exceptional raw material, with Les Moles wines we contribute our vision of how we believe the wines that accompany our cuisine should be.