The experience, innovation and the environment are the axis on which the new tasting menu 11.465 days + 99 °C has been elaborated.

11,465 are the days that have passed since we opened Les Moles, on 5 December 1992, until 26 April, the day on which the new menu can be tasted for the first time. This number is the accumulated experience, our evolution, everything we have learned.

The + symbol in the title represents the new Les Moles I+Dentitat space, recently opened and designed for creative work, innovation and daring, where new techniques and products can be researched and experimented with. Finally, the 99 °C represents the idiosyncrasy of the territory where the restaurant is located, a place where the water is not 100 °C as the theory states, but one degree below, and which gives meaning to everything that is done.


30 tastings for 30 years

This tasting menu, with 30 tastings that commemorate the 30 years of Les Moles history, is a walk through our most emblematic creations, a tour that speaks of who we are and where we come from, but also where we are going.

VEGETARIAN tasting menu

An alternative specially created for vegetarians to enjoy with all the intensity of the gastronomic experience offered by the cuisine of Les Moles.


Our weekly menu is an excellent value for money option that varies every week but always consists of three appetizers, a cold starter, a rice, fish, and meat dish and a dessert

a LA CARTE menu

At Les Moles we seek perfection at the table. Always offering you our best version is our priority. For this reason, we offer you the a la carte Menu, a custom-made menu where you can combine half portions and design your own meal that will allow you to intensify your gastronomic experience.