Tasting menu

Reflect on the limits of the kitchen. Are we afraid of interdisciplinarity when we talk about gastronomy? Who sets the limits? Discover where the past ends and the future begins. Is there a difference? Transgression and subversion of tradition. Is it a taboo in our region? Does transgressing mean losing your roots? And this land where we live, what is it made of? What means do we have to understand it? What means can we contribute so that it is understood?


30 tastings for 30 years

This tasting menu, with 30 tastings that commemorate the 30 years of Les Moles history, is a walk through our most emblematic creations, a tour that speaks of who we are and where we come from, but also where we are going.

VEGETARIAN tasting menu

An alternative specially created for vegetarians to enjoy with all the intensity of the gastronomic experience offered by the cuisine of Les Moles.


Our weekly menu is an excellent value for money option that varies every week but always consists of three appetizers, a cold starter, a rice, fish, and meat dish and a dessert

a LA CARTE menu

At Les Moles we seek perfection at the table. Always offering you our best version is our priority. For this reason, we offer you the a la carte Menu, a custom-made menu where you can combine half portions and design your own meal that will allow you to intensify your gastronomic experience.