At Les Moles we feel privileged to have access to a magnificent variety of high-quality local products, and we try to reflect this privilege in each of our creations.

Our biodynamic garden

It is important to take great care of the earth’s microbiological life if we want to continue enjoying it in the future, therefore we should work the land in accordance with the vital energies of nature, not only for material needs. This is why, before entering the restaurant, we have a biodynamic and botanical garden that we use to prepare part of our dishes. From the garden to the table, never better said. In addition, these gardens serve as an experimental testing ground and offer us a source of inspiration for our creations. Homegrown aromatic plants and vegetables: the maximum expression of proximity.

Regional product

The biodiversity of our region, Tierras del Ebro, Maestrazgo and Matarraña, is exceptional. We feel privileged to have access to a magnificent selection of high-quality proximity products, and what we try to do is to reflect this privilege in each of our creations. From the field of gastronomy, we have the duty and responsibility to value our region which is why we never tire of defending it. From Els Ports to the sea, to a myriad of olive groves, the river and the Ebro Delta. Game, mushrooms and truffles. Fish and shellfish. Products from the river and the Delta, seafood and rice. Products from the vegetable garden and, of course, olive oil from our millennial olive trees.

Our bread

Like our kitchen and our wine cellar, our breads have evolved and improved over the years. In 1998 we started making our own bread. More than twenty years later, in early 2019 we made a radical change. We went from making our own bread to literally having a bakery inside the kitchen where we make bread every day. What’s the difference? We now make our bread the traditional way: natural procedures, sourdough and longer fermentations that provide a unique flavor, acidity and texture. Currently we have different varieties of bread, among which we can find natural unleavened bread, walnut bread, black olive bread, sobrasada (spicy pork sausage), raisin bread, seeds, ciabatta and also olive oil bread.